Recent events

Ms. Jacqueline Gibson and Mr. Guy Eames from the UK attended a Sretensky Club meeting and gave brief inspiring talks on green economics and new recycling strategies.
September 3, 



 A Club member, Prof. Oleskin, Alexander, paid two consecutive visits to  the United Kingdom. His agenda included a brief visit to Oxford where he watched the operation of decentralized  networked teams at the Oxford Science Park and a visit to London (Nutraceuticals Conference)
July 16-30, 2017 and July 18-29, 2018



Prof. Oleskin visited the People’s Republic of China to give lectures and conduct seminars at MSU-BIT-Shenzhen University
October 30-November 10, 2017



 The Sretensky Club was one of the partners involved in organizing and carrying out  the Sixth Slavic Economic Forum in Bryansk. The keynote topic on the Forum’s agenda in 2017 was the integration of the markets of  the Slavic community during the transition to the new technological paradigm
October 20,



 The Club was actively involved in  the Central Russia Forum that was focused on Modern Economics in the Digital Environment. The Sretensky Club provided conceptual underpinnings for  and expert assistance to the Forum that took place on  June 15, 2017



  The first public meeting of the Sretensky/Kurdyumov Club In collaboration with the Analytics Association took place on:
May 15, 



  A Workshop of the Eurasian Economic Commission on Initiatives in the Digital Transformation of Energetics took place on
April 20, 



A Meeting of the Analytics Association on Project-oriented Management in Digital Economy took place on
April 19, 



A Roundtable Discussion of the Analytis Association in the Public Chamber on Project-oriented Activities in State Governance: Experiences, Problems,  and Probem-solving Strategies was held on
April 18, 



Meeting of the Commission on Digital Economics in Urban Development at the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences took place on
April 13, 



 A Workshop of the Eurasian Economic Commission on Initiatives in the Digital Transformation of Industry took place on
April 12, 2017