Statutes of the Sretensky Club,

a Public Organization

Moscow, 2018


The Sretensky Club, referred to as “the Club” hereinafter, is a public body that functions in conformity with  the principle of membership. The members of this public association cooperate to achieve the goals laid down  in the Statute.

The full name is the Sretensky Club Public Organization or, alternatively, the  Sretensky Club Open Society.  The Club’s activities are based on the principles of voluntary involvement, equality, self-government, and law abidance.

The Club’s activities are publicly disclosed, and the information about its constitutional and policy documents is made generally available. These activities are in conformity with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law on Non-Profit-making Organizations, the Federal Law on Public Associations, and the other legal norms of the Russian Federation, as well as with the present Statutes.

The Club may become a collective member of alliances, associations, and other public bodies. The Club functions without state registration and without the rights of a legal entity.

However, the Club members’ General Assembly may at any time rule to apply for its registration in the capacity of a Public Organization.

The Club has the right to use its own stamps and forms, as well as the Club’s emblem.

The Club’s members do not retain ownership rights regarding the property they have transferred into the Club’s ownership, including membership dues. The Club’s members are not held responsible for the Club’s obligations, nor the Club for its members’ obligations.

The Sretensky Club Goals are to develop strategies for efficiently solving economic and social  problems that are associated with humankind’s transition to the emergent digital society of the future. In order to attain these Goals, the Club is empowered to:
—  publicly circulate information regarding its activities;
— hold meetings;
—  put forward initiative proposals with regard to issues that have relevance to the Club’s goals contained in the Statutes
–– submit suggestions to state and local government bodies  .

Sretensky Club Membership.
All Club members are individuals that are willing to be involved in collectively fulfilling the Club’s tasks. Any individual who has received an invitation from a Club member can be granted membership, provided no objections are raised by any other active Club members.

All Club members have the right to
—  obtaining information about the Club’s activities
—  putting forward proposals aimed at improving its activities;
— participating in events organized by the Club

The Club members’ duties include:
— contributing to the Club’s activities;
— obeying the regulations contained in the Club’s Statutes

The Governing Bodies of the Sretensky Club.
The General Assembly of the Club is its supreme governing body. The main function of the General Assembly is to guarantee that the Club’s activities are in conformity with the goals the Club pledges to attain

Amendments in and Supplements to the Club Statutes are made according to a decision of the General Assembly and come into force once approved by it.

Decisions regarding amendments/supplements are to be supported by a ¾ majority of the Club members that participate in the General Assembly meeting.

The Club’s Assets are based on enrollment fees, membership dues, donations, and other legally permissible gains

Dissolving the Club.  A decision to this effect is to be made by the General Assembly or by the court in compliance with the Federal Law on Public Associations.